Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesdays #10

My top ten favorite characters from Paranormal novels.  
  1. Archer from Marking Time by April White.  He is a vampire from April Whites Debut novel. He is cute, sweet, loyal, and completely swoon worthy.
  2. Saira Elian she too is from April White's novel.  She is by far the best main character in a book I've read to date.  She is smart, witty, and funny.  I couldn't get enough of her story.  
  3. Jace Wayland  He is a witty, hansome, and some what snotty character that you can't help but love. 
  4. Will Herondale I loved him in The Infernal Devices He really adds to the story. 
  5. Aubrey from the den of shadows novels.  He is dark and not nessisarily the good guy but there is something about him I can't help but love.  
  6. Aura from the Shade series she is strong and confidant.  
  7. Claire from Claire De Lune she is quirky and sweet. 

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