Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created byThat Artsy Reader Girl

This weeks topic is libraries/bookstores that I have always wanted to visit.  This one is pretty easy as anywhere I go I always look for new bookstores and libraries to visit.

1) The Human Library - I find this one to be so interesting because instead of renting book you get to talk with people, hear their stories learn about their experiences.  The History and Sociology buff in me just finds this to be a fascinating concept.  I would love to be able to talk to people about historical events they witnessed and the experiences they have faced.

Image result for livraria lello

2) Livraria Lello in Portugal - this is a bookstore that I have always wanted to visit simply due to its opulence.  It is so beautiful who would not want to visit?

Image result for The Last Bookstore
3) The Last Bookstore -  I remember a friend of mine sending me a vide of this bookstore, and I was enthralled with the unique architecture of this bookstore. If I am ever in Los Angeles I will HAVE to see this store.

Image result for Libreria acqua alta4) Liberia Aqua Alta in Venice Italy - The idea of this bookstore is just so different. It is quirky and semi-chaotic.  I have never seen a bookstore that uses a bathtub to hold books.  The uniqueness is what draws me to it.

Image result for Darby Public Library5) Darby Free Library in Pennsylvania - This library is considered the oldest library in America, and the history buff in me is dying to visit it. 

Image result for powells book store oregon6) Powell's Bookstore in Oregon - This bookstore is HUGE, a friend told me about it, and I have been wanting to visit it ever since.  The notion of having over an acre of books to wait through is more than exhilarating.

Image result for A novel idea bookstore7) A Novel Idea Bookstore in Lincoln - I love the look of this book sore. It has such a cute "Historic Downtown" feel to it.  This is probably one of the only stores on the list, that I might actually visit in the near future.  I live about an hour away, so it is a definite possibility that I visit this store soon.

Image result for trinity college library8) Trinity College Library in Dublin Ireland - I mean just look at this library do I need to say anything more? It is gorgeous!

Image result for william faulkner books store9) Faulkner House Books in New Orleans - I am a big fan of William Faulkner.  I think it is really cool that part of his home was turned into a Bookstore.  I would love to visit and enjoy the literature and history.

Image result for chapters indigo store10) Chapters Indigo - This one may seem silly to some people, but as I live smack-dab in the middle of the United States there are no Chapters Indigo near me.  I have always been curious what the store is like.

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