Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

This weeks prompt is Villians! I picked a mash-up of the best, worst, and creepiest Villians I have encountered in my reading.  

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1)  The Sidhe from the Grey Land series.  This isn't one Villian but rather a race of villain.  They make the list because of the creepiness of their evil.  They create mold their victims like artwork, wear the skin of their victims as clothing, and most of all they find pleasure in the kill.  They play with their victims and enjoy every minute of it.  For this, I give them the first spot on this list.  

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2) Conor from the Grey Land Series.  In my many years of reading, he is one of the villain's I have hated the most.  I have never wanted to die so badly as I did Conor.  He was cruel and elitist, and just plain smug. I hated having to listen to his warped perspective.  He was so self-righteous and a hideous human being  

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3) Dr. Frankenstein.  I know many people think of him as the protagonist, however, I have always seen him as the villain of the story. He decided to play god with no thought to the ramifications of doing so.  

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4) Marcello Dragna from Caraval.  While he is only one of the antagonistic characters, I would say that he is one of the worst.  He is a horribly abusive father who only wants to control his children.  I really hope that we do not have to see more of him in the sequel.  

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5) Billy Dent from I Hunt Killers.  Billy raised his son to be a murder.  I don't think you could be much worse of a parent.  Between being a serial killer and an awful father, he definitely belonged this list. I would ideally put someone else on the list, however, I do not want to spoil anything for those who have not read the book.

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6)The Duchess of the Lake from the Jewel.  She was such an awful manipulative character. It didn't matter what happened to others as long as she got her way.  I couldn't stand her.  

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7) Warner from Shatter Me.  He is such an evil character.  He is a ruthless murderer, and to top it off has a creepy obsession with the main character.  Just yuck.  

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