Sunday, March 24, 2019

Shop My Shelf Check In - March 2019

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Unfortunately, Shop My Shelf,  and this month, in general, have not gone as planned.  My home town, Fremont, was severely affected by Flooding.  On March 15, 2019, Fremont became an "island".  The town was completely surrounded by flood waters.  In addition to being surrounded much of the town itself flooded. I spent much of this time with no way to get back home as all the roads in and out of Fremont were flooded. I had nothing but what I had brought when I left for my Vet-Appointment for my dog Moose who currently has a broken leg. It was stressful, but I found a pet-friendly motel and I had friends who let me stay with them. All-in-all, I am lucky.  My house did not get flooded and my friends, family, and furbabies are safe. 

Pictures of the Flooding in and around Fremont/Valley/Omaha NE:

My Lovely Pup being a good boy as always: 

Shop My Shelf Recap:

The books that were picked for this month were The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas,  Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glen Marsh, and The Catalyst by Helena Coggan.  At this time I have completed two of the three books.  I listened to Reign of the Fallen and The Hate U Give.  I have yet to even start The Catalyst, but I still have hopes to at least start it before the month is over. 

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