Friday, April 5, 2019

Shop my Shelf: March Wrap Up

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Its time for my March Wrap up! Unfortunately, it is coming a little late due to some issues with Google and my domain name ( expiring.  So, for the time being, I have a new domain  Hopefully soon, I will get my old domain back. But until then I will continue to post under this new domain: Now to the Wrap-up! 

March was a month of many surprises.  Between the flooding in Nebraska, being stuck outside of my home town and having to stay in motel rooms with my dog, and my sweet dog having surgery to repair his broken leg, it is safe to say I did not get all the reading done that I had wanted.  Of the three I finished two of the books: The Hate U Give and Reign of the Fallen.  I did attempt to read The Catalyst but did not finish the book.  

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The Hate U Give:  Of the two books I read, this one was my favorite.  I can see why it received so much hype. I listened to the audiobook, and man was it an amazing read.  The characters were so raw and real, I listened to the book in the span of a day.  

The Reign of the Fallen: I really wanted to love this book, unfortunately, it fell flat.  I loved the concept of this book, but the book was dull and dry  It felt like nothing happened for the majority of the book. I could not connect to any of the characters, and just really didn't care what happened.  

The Catalyst: I only got about 45-50 pages in before I DNF'd the book.  It is not that this book is bad, I just wasn't feeling it at this time.  I will return to it at a later date.  


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